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    I Can pass an array using a session variable if I explicitly enter the data ie: <BR>blagh(1)="blaghs" <BR>blagh(2)="blaghss" <BR>session("blagh")=blagh <BR>but... <BR>if I go <BR>dim newArray() <BR>for num = 1 to 2 <BR> redim preserve newArray(num) <BR> newArray(num)=blagh(num) <BR>Next <BR>session("newArray")=newArray <BR>I get a lbound type mismatch when I try dumping out newArray on the new asp page but not the asp page that created it and no mismatch for the blagh. <BR>Why??? <BR>thank you in advance <BR><BR>

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    Default Can't continue without your help

    please, take a stab at my question, I need to get that array over in order to eventualy save it as a user variable to continue later<BR>thx

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