Hello<BR><BR> I have a script that uses CDONTS to send an email. The script uses a bogus email as the "From" and sends "To" a real email address. This was done a while back, before I learned of other techniques for sending the format that I wanted. Hoerver, Inever updated this one page. Of course this comes back to bite me in the ***. What happened was the "To" person was released from the company (I not knowing this) and the email address later removed from the exchange server. Now, what I assume was then happening was, everytime this script was being sent, the "To" was bouncing back unknown, and because the "From" was not a valid email, was bouncing back unknow as well. My question, is there anyway to track the emails that bounced back after the "To" email address was removed. I am using Exchange Server 5.5. <BR><BR>Can anyone help?<BR><BR>Regards,<BR>Dennis Gilgallon