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    Joshua Sells Guest

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    I need to JOIN 4 recordset objects that I have read from some SQL server tables. Each recordset object has multiple fields and are related by a date, year, and line # (3 seperate fields). <BR>Table 1 has the most fields (8 i think)<BR>Table 2,3,4 all have 4 fields (date, year, and line # with one unique field in each table)<BR><BR>I want to join/add (whatever) the three smaller tables to the first and largest table.<BR>Please Help!<BR>thanks in advance, Josh

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    miles ain't buying Guest

    Default ???????

    kinda confused as to what exactly you need to do (and why you&#039;re not combining your data in your query before it&#039;s pushed into a recordset)<BR><BR>if you need to add records to a recordset though, this ought to help you:<BR><BR>otherwise, elaborate

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