PLEASE HELPPPPPPPPP.....question on uploading file

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Thread: PLEASE HELPPPPPPPPP.....question on uploading file

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    Carina Guest

    Default PLEASE HELPPPPPPPPP.....question on uploading file

    Hi Everybody,<BR>Could you pleeeeeeeaaaaaaaaassssssseeee, tell me how I can do this using ASP and VBscript:<BR>-Let the user open a file located on the server;<BR>-then making any kind of changes he/she wants and;<BR>-sending the file back to the server...<BR><BR>Thanks a lot <BR>Carina<BR><BR>

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    prakash Guest

    Default check ASPFaqs

    Hi there are a lot of Related docs...check the articles..<BR>still cannot figure it out...let me know...<BR>I wil help you out...<BR><BR>cos I went through....that..I know it sucks...

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    Carina Guest

    Default RE: check ASPFaqs

    Thanks a lot for your quick answer my dear!<BR>Yes it sucks and I&#039;m tired with those 3rd party components that suggestions!! Just can&#039;t use them!! <BR>COULD YOU PLEASE ...Send me the link to what I&#039;m looking for?? is it realy possible to open my file using my application, do whatever I want with the file and then save it back to the server????? if so, you realy made my day and save my life ;-)<BR>Carina

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    Bill H. Guest

    Default Hmmm...

    The files are all on the webserver? Are they text files? You could use FileSystemObjects to open the files, make changes, then use FileSystemObjects to save the file in the same directory with the same name. Something like that might work.

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    carina Guest

    Default RE: Hmmm...

    thanks...<BR>yes....The files are all on the webserver....See, the samples I found on the FileSystemObjects use the "WriteLine(....)" to write to the file, but I want to let THE USER OPEN AND WRITE (make changes) to that file without using a hard coded way....see I what i mean??

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    Bill H. Guest

    Default RE: Hmmm...

    Sure...are they just text? Open the text file, read the text file, put the contents of the text file into a text box. Let the user makes changes. The they hit submit, you create a new text file, write all the text to it, delete the old one, and rename the new one to the old one&#039;s name. That&#039;s all possible. It might be easier than all that, but that&#039;s off the top of my head...

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    carina Guest

    Default RE: Hmmm... you said It might be easier than that.....Thanks anyway...

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