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    Hi there, i&#039;m triyng to implement something, but i cannot see how it could be done, probably it is easy, but......<BR><BR>ok, here&#039;s the deal<BR><BR>i have a combobox where i let people choose a month <BR>(example Jan-00), now i must transform this in a date of the type (01-01-2000).<BR><BR>i can make this transformation in a function that i would call in the action of the button, but i wanted also in this action to call another page.....<BR><BR>how can i do that????<BR><BR>tkhs in Advance

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    Default Is this what you want?

    &#060;FORM ACTION="nextpage.asp" METHOD="POST" NAME=frmDate onSubmit="return ChangeDate()"&#062;<BR>

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    Yes Cody, that&#039;s it<BR>tkhs a lot<BR>can you help with another thing please?<BR><BR>look at this procedure<BR><BR>&#060;Script language="VBScript"&#062;<BR>sub verifica()<BR>dim inicio, fim<BR>inicio=document.combo1.de.value<BR>fim=docu ment.combo1.ate.value<BR>if inicio&#062;fim then <BR>msgbox "Atenção, datas mal defenidas"<BR>end if<BR><BR>end sub<BR><BR><BR>now, when i call this function, i&#039;ve two situations, one, the validation test, is ok, and i can open the new page (with that code you send me before i open it correctly.<BR><BR>but when the validation does not pass, i also open the page, and i wanted to stay in the same page until the validation test is cucessful<BR><BR>any idea?<BR>tkhs<BR>

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