.ldb files appearing outta nowhere???

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Thread: .ldb files appearing outta nowhere???

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    Jim Rudnick Guest

    Default .ldb files appearing outta nowhere???

    Hello all...<BR>I&#039;ve noticed recently that my database (Access2000) has suddenly spawned a &#039;similar&#039; file. The original is named "GorrudData.mdb" and the new one is "GorrudData.ldb"<BR><BR>Could someone please let me know what this is? I&#039;ve d/l same from the server, and it says that it&#039;s a "Microsoft Access Record-Locking Information" file...of very small size at only 1 kb.<BR><BR>Can&#039;t open it either to see what&#039;s in there...<BR><BR>Pointer here guys? Seems like it&#039;s somehow connected to the original .mdb file...but how and why?<BR><BR>Jim<BR><BR>Jim Rudnick<BR>KKT INTERACTIVE<BR>www.kkti.com<BR>jrudnick@kkti.com

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    Default it's a locking file

    depending on what you&#039;re doing, it makes it so no one can edit the database.

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    As you said its a Microsoft Access Record-Locking Information file. i.e. maintains the records that have been locked during queries. Just ignore it.

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    Hot Lips Guest

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    The .ldb file that opens with an .mdb file is a "library file" that controls certain file attributes while the file is open. Once the file is closed (mdb), the ldb usually closes by itself, releasing the resources. Sometimes, however, the ldb fails to close, "locking" the file. This can usually be corrected by opening the mdb and closing again. If this does not work, rebooting sometimes does the trick. If the ldb file has a tendency to remain open after the mdb is closed, you might want to research which one of the database objects is causing the problem. Try creating a new database container (mdb file) and importing the database objects into it. If that does not cure the persistent ldb, then you know the problem lies within an object other than the database container.<BR><BR>Hope this helps :-)

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