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    Hello Gaby,<BR>any thoughts ?<BR><BR><BR><BR>cheers.

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    Sorry Jamie, I thought that post was closed.<BR><BR>&#062;&#062; do you use the SmartViewerActiveX.asp and rptserver.asp ? <BR>Yes, that is exactly what I use<BR><BR>&#062;&#062; webSource.URL = "./rptserver.asp" <BR><BR>For this line, I currently have it set to this:<BR>webSource.URL = Location.Protocol + "//" + Location.Host + "/Scrsamples/Web Componenent Services/rptserver.Asp"<BR><BR>But that is just because I have all the samples installed on my server, and It was just easy to use the preset option.<BR><BR>If you copy RptServer.Asp into your wwwroot folder, you could just do this:<BR>webSource.URL = ""<BR>

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    Default Thank you very much : <eop>

    : &#062;

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