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    Jonathan Tooze Guest

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    say if i&#039;m looping through an array like so:<BR><BR>for each item in array<BR> response.write item & "<BR>"<BR>next<BR><BR>how can i get it to show the current numeric postition with in the array?<BR><BR>eg:<BR><BR>for each item in array<BR> response.write curr_bound & ") " & item & "<BR>"<BR>next<BR><BR>is it possible?<BR><BR>Thanks gurus<BR>

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    Dim I: I = 0<BR>For each item in array<BR> Response.write("Showing item #" & I & "<BR>")<BR> I = I + 1<BR>Next<BR><BR>Jason<BR>

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    Jonathan Tooze Guest

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    I suppose i could declare an interget as the lbound of my so<BR><BR>IntLBound = lbound(myarray)<BR><BR>for each item in myarray<BR> response.write IntLbound<BR>IntLBound = IntLBound +1<BR>next<BR><BR><BR>good thinking, but i think there might be a faster way :)<BR><BR>(it&#039;ll do for the mean time :)))<BR><BR>thanks Jason

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