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    Corin Guest

    Default passing a record set

    Can I pass an entire RecordSet in a URL similar to a variable, how do it, and how to I declare that RecordSet in the new page. I want to pass an ID and the RecordSet then use the RecordSet.MoveNext command to show N numbers of records per page.

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    You don&#039t want to pass an entire recordset through the querystring. You can&#039t do that, in fact. What you should do, if you want to page records, is use one of the two methods outlined by the following articles:<BR><BR>For SQL Databases, Use:<BR><BR><BR>For Access Databases, Use:<BR><BR><BR>Happy Programming!

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    Corin Guest

    Default It worked great, thanks Scott

    I got the script working in about 5 minutes, thanks much Scott!

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