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    DaveHutch Guest

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    I have a online order system that outputs a url get and I need to send it to a form, how do I do this?<BR><BR>Output from order system is as follows.<BR><BR>product=#product _id&name=#product_name&qty=#product_qty&<BR>price= #product_price&amount=#product_amount<BR><BR>How do I setup my form to receive this info?<BR><BR>Dave<BR>

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    Sunny Guest

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    &#060;input type=hidden value=&#060;%=Request("Whatever")%&#062;&#062;

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    DaveHutch Guest

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    Thanks Sunny,<BR><BR>I need a little more info though, I know the form stuff,<BR>but do I need any other asp stuff or just the above line<BR>by itself within the rest of the form info.<BR><BR>Dave

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    Sunny Guest

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    Nope, but it wud actually depend on how u gonna use it. But as far as i can c, u wudn&#039;t need any code. <BR><BR>

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    DaveHutch Guest

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    Thanyou so much,<BR>I have just started with asp and the silly thing is<BR>I keep thinking to complicated when its quite simple.<BR><BR>Thanks.

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    Sorry for intruding off topic here, but I couldn&#039;t help but notice the kind of information you are passing through the URL.<BR>Specifically the price is a dangerous thing to have there.<BR>Although it is unlikely, someone may spot that and edit the variables. If they enter in a negative value, depending on the accounts software you use, you could end up refunding them cash and sending them the product gratis.<BR><BR>So unless that information is very well hidden and perhaps encrypted, or is for non-public use, I would consider changing the code.<BR>1 year down the line, when doing tax returns, your company may find such discrepancies and come knocking on your door looking for renumeration.<BR><BR>I may have gone way off the mark on this one, I&#039;m not saying that you don&#039;t have some super encryption thing going on and its not your code specifically, but its just a general warning to everyone.

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    Sunny Guest

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    ever tried that&#039;s where i go when i am stuck, i am just 1 month old in asp

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