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    Saloni Guest

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    Hi,<BR><BR>How to develope an autoresponder e-mail application using ASP.<BR>Lets say like when ever a new mail comes it should send response to that recepient autometically. My problem is how to trace(track) the event of an in-comming mail. <BR>Please let me know the logic to catch the evet to activete the mail application.<BR><BR>If my problem is not clear, please let me know.<BR>Thanks in advance<BR>Saloni

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    akram Guest

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    Iam not sure you can achieve that cause no way u can tell your asp page that you got new mails unless you create a web mail application that checks your pop3 and sends the sender address as a parm to an asp page that by itself create an email using jmail or any other aspmail component.<BR><BR>hope this helps

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    find out the possibilities with ur mail provider<BR>mostly all mail servers supports auto responders<BR>

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