I have a web site that I sell products from, it outputs data like #_id, #_name #_price etc etc.<BR><BR>It outputs this data when a person clicks on the add to cart button.<BR><BR>All I need to do is create a form that can auto place this info into the form so I get the information and know what to sell to the customer.<BR><BR>The FAQ on this site explains that I should call their system as follows,<BR>http://Your-Site-URL.com/cart.asp?track=#tracking_id&<BR>product=#product_i d&name=#product_name&qty and so on.<BR><BR>There is a section in the setup for this system to place<BR>a link to my form, so the file name doesnt matter.<BR><BR>How do I create a asp form to receive this info?<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR><BR>Dave<BR>