How To Update a Recordset After Moving It

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Thread: How To Update a Recordset After Moving It

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    Default How To Update a Recordset After Moving It

    I am creating a recordset with appropriate cursortype.<BR>Now i am moving it to the 2 nd record by giving the move command.<BR>I want it to update after moving.<BR>by giving the recordset("field")=some value<BR>and then recorset("update").<BR>But this is giving error that the requseted operation doesnt supported by the provider.<BR>Can any one help me.<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default do you mean...

    recordset.Update ... if you want to add a new record to a recordset, you start by saying...<BR><BR>recordset.addNew<BR>&#039;then you set your fields...<BR>recordset("field") = value<BR>recordset("anotherfield") = anothervalue<BR>&#039;etc.<BR>&#039;then at the end you say<BR>recordset.Update<BR><BR>IF that&#039;s not what you mean, then let me know, if it doesn&#039;t work, someone else will have to take care of it because i have to sleep sometime... good night!<BR><BR>Jason<BR>

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