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Thread: Some problems with Netscape 4.7

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    hello guys!!<BR>I used a response.redirect in a asp page of my site. This page looks about the login and password of the users. Then it is redirect to the store of the site if the login and password are true. But only Internet Explorer redirect the page. Netscape 4.7 stop on this validation page and the user isn&#039;t logued at the data base of the site. There are some problems with the html code what the Netscape receive when the asp page are translate in the host computer??<BR>If anybody can help me, i will thanks so much!!<BR><BR>If you like to look to this problem at my site, this is the url:<BR><BR><BR><BR>The register not happens at the Netscape. Its terrible!!

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    netscape chupa!<BR><BR>es terrible!<BR><BR>tiralo y usa ie solamente y que todos los demas hagan lo mismo!

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