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    Default ASP Stops: Repost

    Oi, I am off after one more try. Thanks to any responses: ASP page simply spins forever. Try to go there any it never shows. the page never gives an error. It just keeps trying to respond. <BR>??<BR>Lep

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    Default Infinite Loop?

    call to an object that is waiting for a connection to something else, i.e., db calls, TCP calls, etc?<BR><BR>Too many to list -- would be equivalent of saying "Why doesn&#039;t my car start".<BR><BR>Is it just the one page? If so, post la code...

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    WebLeppard Guest

    Default Could be.

    Thanks mate. I will check that out. It is a six page Session, so I will not trouble with code. Possibly the object props are old or my MDAC may need upgrading. Thanks for being the catalyst. I&#039;ve been braindead.<BR>Thx

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