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    chinni Guest

    Default + sign in Querystring

    I am redirecting one page to another and Passing some information (like htv-_rt+kf*kkd^gkf*) from first page to next thru querystring.In second page, I tried to display the value of querystring variable.It's not displaying + sign in the string and displaying everything as usual.Any Ideas and Solutions?

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    Default Ummm

    Why would you still WANT the + in there? An idea or a solution would be not to have them in there anymore. All you need to do is search for a space -- that's where the +'s used to be.

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    chinni Guest

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    I still need + sign in the value of variable sent by querystring.Your idea is Searching for spaces and replace them with + again in Second page?

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    WebLeppard Guest

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    If it needs to be there, you have to parse special characters by assigning it a user defined var where that var is equal to the plus sign. That seems terribly cumbersome though. I recommend what ghost dog says on this.<BR>Lep

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    Desert Ghsot Guest

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    I&#039;m not going to ask why you still need them in there (though it is a bit strange), but you can just do a replace " " with "+", and yes, on the second page.

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    django reinhardt Guest

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    Jasno Cnonlel Guest

    Default hahaha you spelt your name wrong!!!!!!!!!

    j/k<BR><BR><BR>Jason Connell

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