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    I'm migrating my DB to SQL Server 2000, and have run into a snag. Access allowed me to post an entire resume into a record's column with 10000 characters. SQL Server 2000 has an 8000 character cap. Is there any way around this? I've heard that it's possible to automatically save contents of a form to an html page, pointing the column in a record to that page. Is this realistic?

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    Default What I would do...

    Is keep it in the SQL Server field...I don&#039;t use SQL SErver, so I can&#039;t step you through the process, but although 8,000 chars. is a default for some field datatype or other, you *can* increase the number of characters a field can take to over 2 billion. Should be plenty.<BR><BR>Yo ho ho and enjoyin&#039; my new sober life.

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