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Thread: Can Checkboxes be Counted? No Smart Responses

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    Roscoe Guest

    Default Can Checkboxes be Counted? No Smart Responses

    I have a form that dumps data tied to checkboxes. If the last record (and checkbox, thereof) is being checked, I need to present a message to the user.

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    Stupid Genuis Guest

    Default YES <eop>

    Brain Power.

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    Boss Hogg Guest

    Default Stupid Response

    I may not understand. Are you trying to count the records as you check the checkboxes?

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    Roscoe Guest

    Default RE: Stupid Response

    Not really. The number of records wil vary based on the criteria that loaded the resulting recordset. I just need to know if the last checkbox is being checked (item being deleted). In other words, if there is only one checkbox left and user selects it, a message should appear.

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    Roscoe Guest

    Default Correction to last post

    Actually, I need to know if either all the checkboxes are checked or the the last one (which is all anyways)

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