First off I apologize but this is more of a Javascript question than an ASP Question but I&#039;ve always gotten great leads from this messageboard so I&#039;m taking a shot.<BR><BR>Problem: I&#039;m trying to give a user the ability to format the text inside of a textarea field by allowing them to highlight text and click on a "Bold" or "Italic" button. I have no problem accessing the highlighted text, my problem is using a client side replace that won&#039;t replace the entire value of the text area. I want to be able to replace only the string that was highlighted and from what I&#039;ve seen there is only a method for grabbing the text that is highlighted and no way of setting it to a new string. Looking for any suggestions, even a client side replace that will grab one specific instance would work if I could find a way to make sure that this text is unique (which I of course won&#039;t know for sure).<BR><BR>Thanks for any and all responses!