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    Tony Guest

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    It&#039;s been awhile since I&#039;ve posted this list of good and bad web hosts. Feel free to respond in order to add more to this list.<BR><BR>Enjoy.<BR><BR><BR><BR>DESIRABLE<BR>---------<BR>• MaximumASP<BR>• (<BR>•<BR>•<BR>•<BR>•<BR>• (they&#039;re free!)<BR>•<BR>•<BR>•<BR><BR><BR>UNDESIRABLE<BR>-----------<BR>• FastHosts<BR>•<BR>•<BR>•<BR>•<BR><BR>

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    DIPUTS Guest

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    Please add my wife and our president to "undesirable" list. Thank you

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    The only company outside of our corporate web servers is Brinkster, it is slow and only allows the use of access databases unless you pay. However it is a great services because of one thing, it&#039;s free!<BR><BR>-Document

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    Default RE: Love/Hate List are amazingly good for dedicated hosting.

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