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    Bertil Wennerblom Guest

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    I would like to create a web-site with an ordering list for exercise tests.The customer should be able to click a radiobox with dates column-wise and time row-wise to order a particular time for the test.When the customer has decided a time and date, the X in the radiobox should be permanent so the next customer can see that that paricular time is occupied and the time should be saved in an attached data-base.Is it possible to do that in HTML-code or is ASP nessessary? Can some-one tell me how to do it??

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    django reinhardt Guest

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    it SHOULD be done in asp<BR><BR>what you&#039;ll need to do is name all your radio buttons the same thing and assign them different values<BR><BR>if you&#039;re not familiar with writing to a db from asp, here&#039;s a start: http://www.devguru.com/Technologies/ado/quickref/ado_index.html

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