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    Hi i have problem with sending mails thru CDONTS.<BR>Actually i have a webserver by name "just" and have many sites under it ..<BR>I have configured SMTP on it with the FQDN of the server-<BR>I am trying to send a mails using CDONTS.NewMail thru asp .. but the mails are not going at all ..<BR><BR>can any one tell me what might be the reason ..<BR><BR>Thanks in advance.<BR>Ken

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    I&#039;m not sure if this helps at all but I have had a similar problem recently. I set up a site on my local machine and found that the messages didn&#039;t send until I had shut down and restarted. I could never understand why, but maybe there is something in this message that might give you a pointer to the prob.<BR><BR>Catch ya!

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    I too am having a very similar problem, here is the code i am using:- <BR><BR>If Request.Form("Submit") = "Submit" Then <BR><BR>Dim oMail <BR>Dim Body <BR>Set oMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.Newmail") <BR><BR>oMail.To = "" <BR>oMail.From = "Empire Productions WebSite" <BR>oMail.Subject = "Empire Productions Registration Form" <BR>oMail.BodyFormat = 1 <BR>oMail.MailFormat = 1 <BR> = "" <BR>oMail.bcc = "" <BR>oMail.body = "HI THERE!" <BR>oMail.Send <BR><BR>Response.write("&#060;i&#062;Mail was Sent&#060;/i&#062;&#060;p&#062;") <BR><BR>Set oMail = Nothing <BR>&#039;Response.redirect("done.htm") <BR>End If <BR><BR>I tried rebooting the server but that made no difference.<BR>I have checked it a million times but can&#039;t see anthing wrong and yet it still doesn&#039;t work, can anyone help? <BR>

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