ADOX table.append and VBScript

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Thread: ADOX table.append and VBScript

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    Default ADOX table.append and VBScript

    Hi,<BR>The example at MSDN is in VB.<BR><BR>(<BR><BR>It shows:<BR><BR>Dim tbl As New Table<BR>Dim cat As New ADOX.Catalog <BR>.<BR>.<BR>tbl.columns.append ...<BR>.<BR>.<BR><BR>How do I go about making a table type variable in VBScript?<BR>set tbl = server.creatobject(adox.table) ??<BR><BR>Thnx,<BR>Bill Wallace

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    Default You just want to create a table?

    I think? In which case...<BR><BR><BR>SQL = "CREATE TABLE Names (FirstName TEXT (20), LastName TEXT (20) );"<BR><BR>Breakdown <BR><BR>CREATE TABLE - Statement <BR>Names - New table name <BR>Outer () - Delimits field info <BR>FirstName - First field name <BR>TEXT - Field Type <BR>(20) - Field size <BR>LastName - Second Field Name <BR>Etc... <BR> <BR>

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    Bill Wallace Guest

    Default RE: Yep? But that is the easy way

    I really wanted to know how to create<BR>a table using adox like in the example<BR>but couldn&#039;t think of how to do it with<BR>VBScript.<BR>The sticking point being how to create a<BR>variable of type Table which you can do<BR>in VB but how would you do it in VBScript.<BR><BR>Why do I want to do it with ADOX instead of SQL <BR>you ask?? Well that is certainly a good question.<BR><BR>I don&#039;t know. Looking at the options I guess.<BR><BR><BR>Thnx

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