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    Hi,<BR>I have a page that let users with the correct NT username and password to log in and view pdf files for 20mins (new window). I have added a javascript timeout function so after 20mins, the page will close itself and the main page will move to a "timeout" notice page. <BR><BR>The problem is that the main page will still have the connection information in itself so any smart user can go back into the pdf files. Is there any way to clear that information?<BR><BR>Thankx in advance

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    Just thinking out loud here, so bear with;<BR><BR>When they get to the page, maybe give them a session property. After the 20 minutes are up and during the changing of the page to "expiration", also remove the session property:<BR><BR>SO<BR><BR>&#039;When they come in assign<BR>Session("active") = true<BR><BR>&#039;When they are done with the popup<BR>Session.remove("active")<BR><BR>As long as it is true, then they have the run of the joint, if not, beat it.<BR><BR>hth

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    UserName=Request.ServerVariables("Logon_User")<BR> <BR>How did you get the user name and password to make sure they are validated? We used that variable above to pull the username for adding secerity on individual pages (besides already having file permissions set on directories)... do you know of a better way or is this what you used?

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    I don&#039;t use that to validate the username and password. I used NT to handle that. I think in IIS, there is a check box that you can enable so all users has to be in your userlist in order to access them. So set permission of folders, set permission on virtual folders (in IIS) and it will work.<BR><BR>

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