Help!!! Posting large amounts of data causes probl

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Thread: Help!!! Posting large amounts of data causes probl

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    I have a textarea element that displays the code for selected .asp applications that the user has chosen from a menu.<BR><BR>The user can edit the code and save it back to the server. This works perfectly in most cases. However, when the item being edited contains an extremely high character count (say &#062; 30,000), the data that is supposed to be sent to the server is being cut off, causing all manner of problems on the server. This results in the file being unuseable in most cases after the save operation.<BR><BR>Here is the code that processes the form data:<BR>&#039;file is the name of the file being edited<BR> file = Request("file")<BR>&#039;href is the actual code that the application contains<BR> HREF = Request("HREF")<BR> &#039;Ready Scripting.FileSystemObject<BR> Set MyFileObj=Server.CreateObject("Scripting.FileSyste mObject")<BR> Set MyOutStream=MyFileObj.OpenTextFile(Server.MapPath( HREF), 2, TRUE)<BR> MyOutStream.Write(Request.Form("Application"))<BR> MyOutStream.Close<BR> <BR> &#039;Sends them back to the default page<BR> Response.Redirect "editor_fso.asp?id="& pageid &"&PageType=Application&file=" & file<BR><BR><BR>Can someone shed some light on why this may be happening? I am using POST to send the data from the textarea to the server.

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    that reminds me of a question i had a long time ago that i never found an answer to: is there a way in html to limit the number of characters in a textarea like you do in a text box?<BR><BR>i assume the answer is "no"

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