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    Ali Guest

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    I have used stored procedures and my app works fine from my machine, but user tests get ODBC error: cannot find stored procedure [procedure name]. Any other database function works fine (if I run a query from ASP it runs great). Any suggestions?<BR><BR>Here is my connection code:<BR> CurrentDSN = "CircuitDatabase"<BR> <BR> Set dbConnection = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")<BR> dbConnection.Open "DSN=" & CurrentDSN<BR><BR>Here is my stored proc call:<BR> SearchField = request.form("txtLocID")<BR> StoredProc = "SearchByLocationID"<BR> sSql = StoredProc & "&#039;" & SearchField & "&#039;"<BR> Set rs = dbConnection.Execute(sSql) &#039;execute sql call <BR><BR>

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    Ali Guest

    Default Found it myself: Using stored procedures

    But if anyone wants to know, the problem was that I am not the SQL Server admin, and apparently the stored procedures&#039; names are prefixed with my SQLServer Owner name. The call was looking for that, but I wasn&#039;t passing it. I had the SQL Server admin recreate my stored procedures; that worked. Go figure.

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