I currently have:<BR>1)AccessQuery (which uses Union Select) <BR>2)An SQL-statement that selects stuff from the AccessQuery. <BR><BR>Now I am trying to merge these into ONE Sql-statement. This is how the SQL-queries which I would like to merge look: <BR>-------------- <BR>Statement 1 (The Access Query. The same table is queried 3 times in different ways , the first time Field1 gets Alias1, the second time Field2 gets Alias1 etc): <BR>-------------- <BR>Select Field1 as ALIAS1, Field2 as ALIAS2, Field3 as ALIAS3 <BR>From TheTable <BR>Where...etc<BR><BR>UNION <BR>Select Field2 as ALIAS1, Field2 as ALIAS 1, Field4 as ALIAS3 <BR>From TheTable <BR>Where...etc<BR><BR>UNION <BR>Select Field2 as ALIAS1, Field3 as ALIAS1, Field5 as ALIAS 3 <BR>From TheTable <BR>Where...etc<BR><BR>-------------- <BR>Statement2 (selects stuff from the Accessquery and adds "Order By", "Sum", and another "Where"): <BR>-------------- <BR><BR>SELECT (Sum)TheAboveAccessQuery.Alias1 AS NewAlias1, TheAboveAccessQuery.Alias2 AS NewAlias2, JoinedTable.Field1 <BR>FROM TheAboveAccessQuery, JoinedTable <BR>WHERE TheAboveAccessQuery.Alias1 = 1 AND TheAboveAccessQuery.Alias1 = JoinedTable.Field1 <BR>GROUP BY TheAboveAccessQuery.Alias1, <BR>ORDER BY Sum(TheAboveAccessQuery.Alias3.pts) DESC;