How Do I Send Mail Through My ASP page

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Thread: How Do I Send Mail Through My ASP page

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    Rob Reid Guest

    Default How Do I Send Mail Through My ASP page

    I have the code to send mail from my ASP page.<BR>ie set objMail = Server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")<BR>etc, etc<BR>But what do I have to do to set my server up to be able to<BR>send the mails as they&#039;re not going anywhere??<BR>A step by step guide would be nice (:

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    django reinhardt Guest

    Default RE: How Do I Send Mail Through My ASP page

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    Rob Reid Guest

    Default Still Can't Send Mail!!

    An Interesting article but it hasn&#039;t helped me any further. Still can&#039;t send mail. What boxes do I need to check, and what options do I need????

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    django reinhardt Guest

    Default RE: Still Can't Send Mail!!

    i honestly didn&#039;t find it the least bit interesting :)<BR><BR>did you happen to look beyond the first page? there is a lot of documentation on CDONTS objects, methods, etc.<BR><BR> rue

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    Rob Reid Guest

    Default RE: Still Can't Send Mail!!

    I know the code to send mail. EG:<BR><BR>Set objMail = server.CreateObject("CDONTS.NewMail")<BR>strRecipi ent = ""<BR>strSender = strServername & " at " & strServerAddress<BR>objMail.Body = strmsg<BR>objMail.To = strRecipient<BR>objMail.From = strSender<BR><BR>objMail.Send<BR><BR>set objMail = nothing<BR><BR><BR>I&#039;ve done loads of mail through ASP before at my last company. But I&#039;ve just moved company and there no-one here technicaly minded enough to set up IIS so I can send mail through my pages. What I need to know is what options to check, IP info i need, etc etc in the SMTP properties in IIS 5.0. That article doesn&#039;t really give a dummy guide to setting up mail on IIS. By the way I looked through some of the other articles as well and they were no help. :)<BR><BR>

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    django reinhardt Guest

    Default i apologize

    i obviously misunderstood your question<BR><BR>you might want to try posting in the iis forum:<BR><BR>there ought to be at least a few iis gurus hanging around there<BR><BR>good luck :)

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