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    Default Unix Timestamp in ASP

    Hey All,<BR><BR>Does anyone know how to covert a unix timestamp to a readable timestamp? I need to do it in ASP.<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    Default What does a UNIX TS look like?

    I&#039;ve just done a search and found some stuff that *may* be useful, but need a known unix timestamp to check it out.<BR>To convert to EXCEL time stamp:-<BR>=(x+((365*66+17)*86400))/86400 &#039; converts to base 1904<BR><BR><BR>P.S From all of the search returns, it would appear that PhP is really good at this sort of thing (I know that&#039;s not much help but is seems to be tru!! :-) )<BR>

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    Default RE: Unix Timestamp in ASP

    Do this in ASP.<BR><BR>Dim dateFormat<BR>DateFormat = DateAdd("s", unixtimestamp, "01/01/1970")<BR>Response.Write DateFormat <BR>

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