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    first of all, i would like to humbly suggest that this message board consider adding an unmoderated .net forum...what do you think? just an idea...<BR><BR>next, below is an email i received regarding visual beta 2...hopefully it will be of help to anyone who is not yet aware of this issue:<BR><BR>Date: 7/6/2001<BR><BR> <BR><BR>Dear MSDN Subscriber:<BR><BR> <BR><BR>We recently identified a bug in early builds of Visual Studio .NET Beta 2, which you will soon receive as part of your July shipment. The beta inadvertently contained a “time bomb” that will cause the product to expire on July 31, 2001. Please note this impacts the English Visual Studio .NET Professional Beta 2 only, it does not impact other language versions. To correct the issue, we are sending replacement CDs in the August shipment. <BR><BR>The bug affects only the Visual Studio design time environment. It will not affect any of the code that you have written or the applications that you have deployed with Visual Studio .NET Beta 2. The fix means replacing the Visual Studio .NET program, which unfortunately means a reinstall of Visual Studio .NET will be required. To ensure that your copy of Visual Studio .NET does not time out on July 31, you will need to uninstall your existing version of Beta 2 and reinstall the new version.<BR><BR>We have already posted the new version of Visual Studio .NET that does not contain the bug to the MSDN Subscriber Downloads site for immediate download. Optionally, you can install the newer version from the CDs when they arrive. Because we know this is an added burden for you, we are “upgrading” your version of Visual Studio to the Beta version of Visual Studio .NET Enterprise Architect, which is now available. This new version does not contain the bug and offers significantly more features than the version you previously received.<BR><BR> We are very sorry for any inconvenience that this causes you. While the uninstall/reinstall process will take a couple of hours, we are confident that you will still have a great experience with Visual Studio .NET Beta 2, and we look forward to continuing our support for your development needs.<BR><BR> <BR><BR> <BR><BR>Sincerely, <BR><BR>Yuval Neeman<BR><BR> <BR><BR>Vice President<BR><BR>Microsoft<BR>

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    Default yes, an unmoderated forum please!

    i think an unmoderated forum will expedite responses as well as draw more audience.<BR><BR>eh?

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