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    OK ,<BR> I&#039;m looking to connect to an Access database, that is setup on the server as a system DSN, I am trying to search for files that are hyperlinked to pdfs in a folder on the server, how many pages will I need to do this task,And how will I set these pages up? Where will these indivual files be located on the server? <BR> Thanks in advance for all your help....<BR>Dan

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    Your say some programming things that you think might be used in the application, but you do not say what you are trying to achieve.<BR><BR>The access database would likely be accessed from many of your pages. Without knowing what data it will be used for, how can anyone tell you how many.<BR><BR>"search for files that are hyperlinked to pdfs in a folder on the server". Do you mean you want to search all your html files to find the hyperlinks, or do you want to list the pdf&#039;s in the folder and provide hyperlinks?<BR><BR>Anyway what does it matter how many pages you have. You list the tasks you want to achieve then you work out the steps you need to do to get there. It has nothing to do with programming. Eg:<BR><BR>Say you have a database table and you want to enter data into it, and review the data, then these are the steps:<BR>1) Present user with an Input form. (Page 1)<BR>2) Use asp to extract the data submitted by the form. (page 2, not necessarily a dsiplay page.)<BR>3) Present the table listing back to the user, so that he can see that the new record is present. (page 3)<BR><BR>You may also want a page so that if the user wants to edit a record, you show him page 1, but with the data filled in. Then when he submits the form with changes, you would want a page similar to page 2, which replaced the data with the edited data instead of inserting a new record.<BR><BR>My example would be require between 3 and 6 pages or scripts.<BR><BR>What YOU (and I emphasize YOU) have to do is decide what YOU want your app to do and break it down into steps. You could also look for other sites that do something similar to what you want, and analyse and list the steps they have used. Then you can work out what screens you will need. But the number of screens is irrelevent. You must decide what you want to achieve and then you must create as many pages as are required to do it.

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