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    prakash Guest

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    I have few documents listed from the database , as the user clicks on the documentname it takes them to the respective files, now I need to check weather they have permission to see the documents I mean the contents of the documents ....if no...then they have to be taken to another page asking for the rights to have a look at them.<BR><BR>any suggestions....

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    asp Guest

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    try creating a sort of login form,<BR>check for password etc, and then redirect to the documents page<BR><BR>then use:<BR> <BR>If Request.Form = "" Then<BR>Response.Redirect "notallowed.asp"<BR>Response.End<BR>End If<BR><BR>on the page of the documents to check if the user has logged in or not (if he has permission or not)<BR>

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    prakash Guest

    Default mm...I am much ahead of that

    well...this is not as easy as I thought..and its not for login, well..this is a search engine..when the data are shown, for the user..all I have to do is to check weather the user has the rights to look at the contents of the documents....<BR><BR>if he is not in the group...then he has to ask the owner of the document asking a permission...well if he has the rights..on the click of the link..he is taken to the document..else he should be taken to another page..and ask for the rights....<BR><BR>I hope I am clear..<BR><BR>Thanks anyway..

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