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    Hi,<BR>I run into a problem when I give my users some files like:<BR>"XLS,DOC,PDF,PPT,TXT" to download. I don&#039;t wont to load them<BR>into the browser window. I like to give them the possiblity to <BR>store it at some place on their harddrive.<BR>Until now I tryed as many ways possible. As well the recomended<BR>solution from MSDN. But as soon as I had lage files, the download want work. It saves just a few KB&#039;s on the client.<BR><BR>Does anyone have a good solution to solve this issu? If possible<BR>this could work with any other file type as well.<BR><BR>Thank&#039;s in advance for answers...<BR>Dany

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    Default I think... is because the extensions are being recognize by the browser and it automatically opens them in the browser. <BR><BR>The exact reason why, I can&#039;t tell you cause I don&#039;t know<BR><BR>But you could always "zip" your files "or" ask the user to "right click and save target as" in order to make the dialog box appear.

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    I don&#039;t understand why they are only downloading a few KB. Is your ASP script timing out? Try increasing the timeout for it.<BR><BR>ASP&#039;s not a great way to hide large files. It&#039;s possible, but it&#039;s not amazing. Basically the ASP can time out and the server will stop sending the file. Also, if it&#039;s not coded using a Stream object, you can run into loads of problems with the server loading a large file x times into memory.<BR><BR>However...<BR><BR>The normal ways involve changing the Response.ContentType headers, and adding a filename to the HTTP headers (using Response.AddHeader). There are articles around on 4Guys though - I saw the one you need only the other day. Go to and search for "ContentType" or "Stream Object" or something similar.<BR><BR>Craig.

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