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    Is there a way to count pages on a site? Like write a script which would scan all directories in a site and output a number in reference to the number of .asp, .html, .htm, etc. it finds?<BR><BR>TIA

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    Yes, this should be possible. There was an article at 4Guys that demonstrated going through directories recursively and finding all files named .mp3. If you can find that article, you should be able to modify it for your purposes.<BR><BR>One problem I ran into, though, was that we use FrontPage (boy, THAT was a bad decision) and the script in the article kept crashing on certain FrontPage directories. Frankly, I finally gave up in ASP and used PHP instead. If you&#039re not using FrontPage, though, I would think you would have no problems.

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    If You Want How many Pages In the Site You Can use Application contents Collection Count Property.You Refer to Apllication Object.You can get help

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