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    Rob Lovett Guest

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    I want to test two strings, which I can but i cannot gaurantee that they will be in the same case. I do not want to worry about this, so is there a way of comparing two string whose case may not be the same or do I have to stick with converting both strings first to either lower or upper case.<BR><BR>Thanks<BR>Rob

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    Just do the comparison using either .toUpperCase or .toLowerCase:<BR><BR>if (string1.toUpperCase == string2.toUpperCase) {<BR>... code here<BR>}

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    Rob Lovett Guest

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    Thanks for confirming that for me.<BR><BR>I was hoping that there was something neater - never mind.<BR><BR>Rob

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    neater? Guest

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    you could use a case-insensitive regular expression<BR><BR>a javascript manual will have the works on this - it&#039;s possibly a bit much for a newsgroup post.<BR><BR>

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