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    hi all...<BR>anyone knows the maxmimum size(threshold) of a session cookie? i was thinkin of storing some data at least 100 characters long. would this be a problem with a site that has let&#039;s say, 1000 simultaneous users. cookies don&#039;t eat up as much memory as session vars do.. right?<BR><BR>thanks!

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    Well...<BR><BR>As far as I know, cookies can be any size... However, something is stuck in my head about a problem with cookies greater than 3KB, so I wouldn&#039;t stick too much in there.<BR><BR>However, it could be a lot better to use cookies if you&#039;re storing lots of information than using Session variables - they are stored on the target computer rather than the server and so that means lower overheads on the serving machine.<BR><BR>It could also mean that you don&#039;t have to hit a database so many times, or can store information over a session (when the user closes the browser, the session is lost whereas a cookie can remain for as long as you tell it to).<BR><BR>There are many advantages of using Session variables, but the good old cookies shouldn&#039;t be overlooked either. They too have many advantages.<BR><BR>Think of it this way: if the information is small, and you&#039;re not going to get many people hitting your site simultaneously, then store it in a session variable. You can also store items such as RecordSets in session variables as they are variants. If the information is large, or doesn&#039;t change that often, or is needed to recognise a user, and is plain text, look at the possibility of a cookie.<BR><BR>Craig.

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    The actual size (the last time I looked this up) is 4k or ~514 Characters [ (1,024 * 4)/8) = No# of Characters] . I am not sure about newer browser though since I needed the information for 3.x browsers.<BR><BR>Here is the RFC2019 Document on Cookies

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