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Thread: refresh a targeted frame??? HOW????

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    I&#039m getting a little desperate.. :(<BR>Maybe one of you guys can help me out.<BR>I&#039ve got two frames. When I push a button in the upper frame, BOTH frames have to get updated.. Is there anyway how to do this? I tried with META refresh, but I&#039m afraid it&#039s impossible to use a target with Meta refresh. It seems I can only change the frame in which the button is placed. I&#039ve also tried it with loading new framesets, but that also loads only the &#039buttonframe&#039. There might be a solution for this problem with Javascript, but I really don&#039t know anything about javascript.. :(<BR><BR>Can someone help me with this one? please??..<BR><BR><BR>ThanX for reading this, and if you can answer to this problem..,<BR><BR>Roxanne

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    enter this javascript into your page<BR><BR><BR>&#060;script language=javascript&#062;<BR>function ChangeFrame()<BR>{<BR>document.&#060;insert frame name here&#062;.url=&#060;insert url here&#062;;<BR>//e.g document.frame1.url="";<BR>}<BR>&#060 ;/script&#062;<BR><BR>next add this tag on the button html<BR><BR>onclick=changeframe() <BR>so it may look like <BR><BR>&#060;input type=button onclick=ChangFrame()&#062;<BR><BR>good luk

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