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    I have tred<BR><BR>EnableViewState="false" inside my textbox control.<BR><BR>I also have tried<BR>&#060;%@Page EnableViewState="false"%&#062;<BR><BR>I cannot for the life of me get viewstate to turn off.<BR>All the documentation I have found on it from MSoft simply<BR>does nothing. Maybe this has changed from Beta 1. MSOft does have examples that use<BR>&#060;%@page MaintainState="false"%&#062; <BR>which now thows an error ("Maintain State is not a part of the Page directive")<BR><BR>Steve<BR>

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    EnableViewSate in fact DOES NOT work in Beta 2.<BR>You are correct. I just wrote to the team at asp.net<BR>to ask them why and what the change might be.<BR><BR>In the menatime and if possible you could put your controls outside the FORM block but you then are required to hit the submit button. Hitting Enter will not work.<BR><BR><BR>Rob

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