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    Trupti Guest

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    Hi,there<BR>I want to divide a page in 2 frames.The first frame will contain my site and the other frame will contain hotmail/ anything.But when i say compose in hotmail,then the hotmail occupies whole page,which i don&#039t want to do.I tried by copying Hotmail source code and made changes in them,and it worked also.But i want generalise thing.<BR>Can anybody tell me that if this is possible with any other tool.Your help will be appreciated.Hoping ur quick response.<BR>Pls contact me at

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    Archana. Guest

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    Dear Trupti,<BR><BR>Is it that u want left frame to be constant throughout and the links that to provide on left frame be opened on the right frame with left frame links as it is.<BR>Let me know..

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    Trupti Guest

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    Hi! Archana,<BR>Thanks for ur response.But i think u didn&#039t get what i want to do.See ,i want my site in one frame and in other frame i want any **** site.And for whole transaction for the other site my site should remain as it is on RHS.I don&#039t want my site to be disappear at any point of time. Are u getting me? Archana,can u give me ur mail id So that i can contact u ASAP.<BR>Can u pls reply me at the earliest as it is very urgent for me.<BR>Thanx again.Bye

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    archana Guest

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    Dear Trupti,<BR><BR>U can write 2 me on

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