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    Hilton Giesenow Guest

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    I got hold of some asp code for controlling Access and building and saving to Snapshot report (M.S.&#039;s free activex plugin for viewing Access Reports). However, while it works perfectly on PWS, I cannot get the code to run on IIS 4. (nt sp6)<BR><BR>I am getting two errors:<BR>The database is password protected. If i vnc into the server from a workstation, i see the password box come up on the server, so i enter the password, and then i get :<BR> <BR>MSAccess error &#039;800a1eba&#039;<BR><BR>Microsoft Access can&#039;t open the database because it is missing, or opened<BR>exclusively by another user.<BR><BR>Otherwise, if i change the access code to be <BR> oApp.OpenCurrentDatabase databasepath & ";password = " & whateverpassword, so that the password window doesn&#039;t come up, then i get:<BR> <BR>MSAccess error &#039;800a07e8&#039;<BR><BR>The report snapshot was not created because you don&#039;t have enough free disk<BR>space for temporary work files.<BR> <BR>however, there are 900 megs on c:, and the database (and inetpub) sit on d:, which have 7 gigs free. Also, snapshot reports seem to be only a few kb&#039;s<BR> <BR>can anyone help? <BR>Hilton Giesenow<BR>

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    sherrik Guest

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    I could be way off here, but - if you have Access installed on your local system running PWS, and Access isn&#039;t actually installed on the IIS server your host is using, then that could be the deal. I tried to use some similiar code for running reports through Access, and my host was less than willing to allow me have Access actually installed and executed from my space. Access databases can be read, and writted to from any machine that has the drivers installed. The program itself may or may not be installed. I hope this isn&#039;t the problem, cause there was not way around it for me. -sk

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