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    troy Guest

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    I have been asked to create a simple page in arabic language which will pick up the text in arabic and store it in the database and later on retrieve it to view them... Can i have the database in arabic???

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    Not really sure. I would hit Microsofts site to see what needs to be done. English systems are ascii based and if memory serves there are special charachters in the arabic alphabet. If the system isn&#039;t set up to display those charachters.....<BR><BR>You might also test it by going to an on-line translator like or and see what you get. Good luck.

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    the other steve Guest

    Default Pula ea likhomo le bathu

    I responded above also. You need to choose your standard and simply make sure the input is entered as or converted into the standard and the output is displayed as the standard. There are recognized ascii alphabets for a thousand differnt languages.<BR><BR>Sala ka khotso,

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