Design component in VB or just use straight ASP?

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Thread: Design component in VB or just use straight ASP?

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    Default Design component in VB or just use straight ASP?

    Right now I&#039;m working on a survey application in ASP. At the end of the survey, a report will be generated in HTML from info stored in the datbase, with graphs and charts and such and converted into about a 15 page report using activePDF WebGrabber (great program by the way.) After the report is generated, it will be e-mailed to the appropriate user. Since there are about 500 users this will have to be done once for each user (each user gets a different report.) Since this will probably take a LOT of time, someone has suggested that I write this part of the survey in VB, since it is a compiled language. I&#039;m assuming he means write a component to do the db calls and report generation, is there any other way to do this in VB? Is this a good idea? Will it significantly increase the performance of the application? Is there a better way than this? What would you do? Thanks a LOT for all your help. <BR><BR>Jake

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    Default Maybe neither?

    If you are going to EMail the report to the person, anyway, then why do you need/want to use ASP at all in the generation thereof???<BR><BR>Why not just do the whole thing with a batch program, offline?<BR><BR>You could have the Web site simply generate a "request" in the form of a text file that is placed in a certain directory. The offline program "wakes up" periodically and checks to see if there are any requests. If so, it processes the next one, produces the .pdf file, emails it to the "customer", and deletes the request file. Before going back to sleep, it checks to see if there is another request.<BR><BR>If the offline process runs in a lower priority than does IIS, then you will have very little impact on the perceived performance of the Web site.<BR><BR>Note that the offline process can be written in VB (or C++ or Java or or or), *but* there is no particular reason it can&#039;t be written in VBS and activated via WSH. (see for info on WSH if you haven&#039;t used it yet) Sure, it won&#039;t have the performance of compiled code, but since it&#039;s performance won&#039;t impact the web site any more, does it matter? So long as it&#039;s fast enough to keep up with the requests?<BR><BR>

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