ASP 0115 Errors - cant use site for 1/2 hour ????

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Thread: ASP 0115 Errors - cant use site for 1/2 hour ????

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    Default ASP 0115 Errors - cant use site for 1/2 hour ????

    Hi, whenever i run a certain piece of asp code that i cant see anything wrong with, i get an ASP 0115 Error. This code only simply does an &#039;delete&#039; statement to a database, and deletes a file of the server. This code is almost identical to another piece of code i have that works fine !!<BR><BR>But, then when i go to view any other part of the site that uses the database ( only using &#039;select&#039; statements ), the same error occurs, so i cant use any part of the site at all. Also, i cannot delete or overwrite the database on the server ( Error 550 ), so something must be happening to it. Then, half an hour later, everything starts working fine, as if the error didnt happen, the record and file are deleted, and the site can be used again.<BR><BR>Ive seen what causes 0115 Errors, but as far as i know, my code does not do any of the things responsible. Any Ideas ??

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    Default Restart your IIS server

    If you are calling a component make sure you have error handlers in all the function properties etc. and I have noticed this happens sometimes &#060;%Variablename%&#062; notice the = is missing before the variable. Fix that too.<BR><BR>Brain Power.<BR>

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