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    Hi..I&#039;m kinda new to this forum..and I&#039;m wondering if anyone could help me out on a question..<BR><BR>I&#039;m trying to split my database results into..say..10 records per page...The database results are based on a list of search criteria on a search form..<BR>The problem is..regardless of the options that I have specified on my search form..the query result seems to only return the fist 10 records correctly and when I click to view the next 10 will return the entire database records!!!<BR><BR>I think it has to do with the IF statements that I use:<BR> IF (Trim(Request("ID")) &#060;&#062; "") THEN<BR> mySQL = mySQL & "WHERE (ID = &#039;test&#039;)"<BR><BR>If I took away the IF statements and instead just used a specified SQL statement such as "SELECT * FROM DBTable WHERE (ID = &#039;test&#039;)", then the search results come out fine with the data being split into separate pages...but this is not viable since I need the IF statements to filter the records from the search form...<BR><BR>Any help would be very much appreciated..THANKS!!!!<BR><BR>

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