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    shawn. Guest

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    Hi all,<BR><BR>Currently, I have a lot of old data used for pick lists that were originally entered into the db using a variety of formats (i.e first letter capital, all caps, all lower case, etc.). When I use a select statement to grab the pick lists, they come back ordered in a way that all the words starting with caps return first (A to Z) then all words starting with lower case letters are returned (a to z). The Order By statement works fine with SQL Server, but in the production environment I am using Oracle 8i as the back end db. How can I get around this problem? Is making sure all the data is entered uniformly the only solution? Thanks!<BR>

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    jamar Guest

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    i don&#039;t know the name of the oracle function to do this but:<BR><BR>select picklist_name from picklist<BR>order by lower(picklist_name) desc

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    shawn. Guest

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    Hi Jamar,<BR><BR>Your suggestion worked! Thanks a bunch for your help.<BR><BR>

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