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    Does anyone have any idea why the following code would prevent users in Netscape from clicking any links on the page but works fine in IE? (you click it and it does nothing but sit there). Our client wants to prevent ppl from right click on the page (God knows can do pretty much all the same things from the menus)<BR><BR>function click(){if (event.button==2){alert(&#039;Copyright by BBIMG!&#039;)}}document.onmousedown=click// --&#062;<BR> if(document.layers) window.captureEvents (Event.MOUSEDOWN);<BR> function captureRightClick(e)<BR> { <BR> <BR> if (navigator.appName == &#039;Netscape&#039; && ( e.which == 2 &#124&#124 e.which == 3))<BR> alert("Copyright by BBIMG!");<BR> if (navigator.appName == &#039;Microsoft Internet Explorer&#039; && (event.button == 2 &#124&#124 event.button == 3))<BR> {<BR> alert("Copyright by BBIMG!");<BR> event.returnValue=false;<BR> }<BR> return false;<BR> }<BR> window.onmousedown=captureRightClick;<BR><BR><BR>< BR>Thanks,<BR>Z

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    looks to me like it always returns false....

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