I have a text stream that I am attempting to move through- it gets loaded into an array that displays one line of the text stream. I would like to be able to navigate forwards and backwards through the array, but am not sure even where to begin. I was attempting to create navigate &#039;buttons&#039; using href tags, but I can&#039;t seem to call a sub or function using this method.<BR><BR>*********************************** ******************************<BR>Load textstream into array <BR><BR>Do while TheTextStream.AtEndOfStream &#060;&#062; True <BR> ImageText(i) = (TheTextStream.readline)<BR> i = i + 1 <BR>Loop <BR><BR>****************************************** ***********************<BR>Divide and display the text stream<BR><BR>ImagePic = Left(ImageText(num), InStr(1,ImageText(num),",") - 1)<BR>ImageDesc = Mid(ImageText(num), InStr(1, ImageText(num), ",") + 1) <BR>Response.Write ("&#060;img src=" & ImagePic & "&#062;")<BR><BR>********************************* ********************************<BR>Sub to move next<BR><BR>Sub NextPic(x)<BR> dim n<BR> n = x + 1<BR> ImagePic = Left(ImageText(n), InStr(1,ImageText(n),",") - 1)<BR> ImageDesc = Mid(ImageText(n), InStr(1, ImageText(n), ",") + 1)<BR> Response.Write ("&#060;img src=" & ImagePic & "&#062;")<BR>End Sub<BR><BR>*************************************** **************************<BR><BR>Now I need to call the sub and pass it the current ImageText index value<BR><BR>Please help!