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    Hi ,<BR>I am new to IT industry.I am intrested in learning ASP. I find it the most important technology for web, especially after beta realease of ASP.NET.<BR>I have few queries.<BR><BR>1. How do i start learning ASP ?<BR>2. Do i have to learn VB also ?<BR>3. What is the future of ASP carrier?<BR>4. Are there enough jobs in the industry for ASP today?<BR><BR>

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    Default Websites<BR><BR>www.asp<BR><BR><BR>One of the best online development learning sites:<BR><BR><BR>Check them out<BR>-- Whol

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    1. Read/purchase a book and visit sites like 4guys who have articles for beginners - we ALL began somewhere !<BR>2. Its good to learn VB, but ASP is a stripped down version whereas ASP+ is not !<BR>3. ASP+ is the future with .net paradigm - Microsoft are planning big things for the future.<BR>4.Yes/No-depends where you are and what skills you have.

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    1. Buy a book. Or take a class.<BR>2. No for ASP. Yes for ASP.Net (Or some other compiled language)<BR>3. Who knows. Probably OK for awhile.<BR>4. Yes in some places. No in other places.<BR><BR>Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum.

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    Neoh Guest

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    Thnks pal,<BR><BR>I am currently a developer on progress ( a 4gl language). Now i want to shift to web technologies.<BR>Do u think i have a chance ?<BR>

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    Thank you Imran,<BR><BR>This is ref to Q.4<BR>I am a developer on Progress (a 4Gl language) . Do you think i have a chance on web tech ?

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