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    This is an email from me to the support team of my host. Please tell me if I am the one that is wrong here. Start at bottom. Thanks<BR><BR>--------------------<BR><BR>Dear<BR><BR>We have resolved your support request. <BR><BR>Resolution:<BR>Hello<BR><BR>You have a sql database. The dsn is connected to your sql database. You are calling the database without using the ip address to the sql server.<BR><BR>A dsn connection string is not a dsn less connection. It is a connection to your sql database.<BR><BR>Jim<BR><BR>++++++++++++++++++++++ +<BR><BR>Yes, but that means I will then be using a dsn-less connection. I received<BR>an email saying that you guys set up a system dsn for me called damon88 -<BR>why cant I use a dsn connection?<BR><BR>-----Original Message-----<BR>From: []<BR>Sent: Thursday, July 05, 2001 5:13 PM<BR>To:<BR>Subject: Re: system dsn ....IP:<BR><BR><BR>Dear<BR><BR>We have resolved your support request.<BR><BR>Resolution:<BR>Hi Ben<BR><BR>Your using a sql database and that string will not connect you to a sql<BR>database. You have to incorporate in the connection the ip address of the<BR>sql server "".<BR><BR>example:<BR>Session("DSN_Na me") = "Provider=SQLOLEDB;Data<BR>Source=;Ini tialCatalog=SQL-DBName;user id=LOGIN;password=PASS"<BR><BR>Jim<BR>++++++++++++ +++<BR><BR>My system dsn called damon88 does not work properly. I am connecting to a<BR>database through an asp page using a dsn connection. I get this error:<BR><BR>Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC Drivers error &#039;80004005&#039;<BR><BR>[Microsoft][ODBC SQL Server Driver]Client unable to establish connection<BR><BR>/homepage.asp, line 10<BR><BR><BR>The code in line 10 is:<BR> "DSN=damon88;UID=dsleicher;PWD=damon88"<BR>

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    If your server host is like ours they store SQL db&#039;s on their own server. Therefor what they are telling you is that you need to use the IP address in your connection rather than the DSN on the server that your site is on.

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