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    Neils Guest

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    I have the following code, which should insert a new record into the table, and then grab the identity column, but instead of getting the value of the identity column, it gets zero every time (I&#039;m using sql server 7.0):<BR><BR>objConnection.Open DB_CONN<BR> <BR> With objRecordSet<BR> <BR> .Open "EmailArchive", objConnection, adOpenKeyset, adLockOptimistic, adCmdTable<BR> <BR> .AddNew<BR> <BR> .Fields("MessageBody") = strBody<BR> .Fields("MessageSubject") = strSubject<BR> .Fields("DateSent") = Date<BR> .Fields("TimeSent") = Time<BR> .Fields("ProductOfferTypeID") = intPOTypeID<BR> .Fields("RecipientCount") = intRecipientCount<BR> .Fields("TypeName") = strPOTypeName<BR> <BR> .Update<BR> <BR> ArchiveMessage = .Fields("MessageID")<BR> <BR> .Close<BR> <BR> End With

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    I had that problem before. You can fix it by adding:<BR><BR>.MovePrevious<BR>.MoveNext<BR><BR>A fter .Update and then get the new ID. I don&#039;t know why it doesn&#039;t work if you don&#039;t do that, but this fixes it.<BR><BR>

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    neils Guest

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    I also had to change the cursor type to adOpenDynamic, but now it works great. Thanks.

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